Crested Butte

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Current Conditions

Mountain Stats

  • 762 cm of annual snowfall
  • 626 total skiable hectacres
  • Top elevation 3707 m, base 2774 m
  • 27% beginner, 57% intermediate, 16% advanced, 2% expert
  • Projected opening: 11/27/2013
  • Projected closing: 04/06/2014

Crested Butte Expert Skiing

Welcome to Gnarlington. Renowned, infamous, notorious and celebrated as one of the baddest ski resorts in the lower 48 (states), Crested Butte’s expert and extreme inbounds terrain is mind blowing. So it comes no surprise that extreme skiing was partially born here (Jackson Hole, Squaw and Alaska too). Crested Butte has hosted the U.S. Freeskiing “Extremes” competition for over two decades, and continues to attract the world’s best extreme skiers to its steep, technical terrain. But the good news is that you don’t have to be a pro-skier to enjoy the Crested Butte expert skiing, however you do need to know where you’re going if you venture into the gate accessed terrain in Teocali Bowl, Paradise area off the High Lift.

Crested Butte Expert Terrain

If steeps, trees, rocks, cliffs and other terrain nuggets are up your alley then the Crested Butte expert terrain is yours for the taking. Crested Butte’s terrain, especially in the Paradise area, is bar none for technical skiing. If you’ve never skied at Crested Butte, or if you’re looking to hone your off-piste skills, we’d recommend taking the North Face Guided Group Lesson.  You’ll explore all the steep skiing off of the North Face Lift.

While all of the Crested Butte expert terrain trends towards ultra-steep, there are varying types of expert skiing. For example, Headwall of the North Face Lift, is wide-open bowl-like skiing with small rocks and cliffs to drop. While Teocali Bowl and Paradise area, where you’ll find Spellbound and Third Bowl, feature mini bowls, chutes, tight trees and huge cliffs. It’s quite important that you know where you’re going in Teocali and Paradise for obvious reasons. 

If you’re looking for expert skiing with a little less consequence or perhaps warm-up terrain, the moguled steeps of Rambo and Pinball into the steep glades of Bakery Trees is a great option. Or if you’re looking for groomed or partially groomed steeps, head to Monument into International or Hot Rocks.

Note: If you have avalanche gear, specifically a beacon, bring it! Crested Butte Ski Patrol allows the first 50 skiers with a beacon to ski the resort on a powder day.

To learn more about Crested Butte Expert Skiing call, or chat with, one of’s knowledgeable Mountain Vacation Specialists.