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The most sought-after lodging type across Ski Country, ski in ski out or slopeside access are accommodations situated just off the slopes. Sometimes you can ski in, but not out or vice versa. For example, you might have to walk to the chairlift to access the slopes, but then you can ski back to your hotel or condo. True ski in ski out access means you're actually skiing to and from the accommodation. Generally, true ski in ski out properties are located mid-mountain or in a ski-through base village. Whether you're staying in a true ski in ski ski out or a slopeside hotel or condo, you'll still enjoy the perks and conveniences afforded to those who are just a couple strides from the slopes.

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"Yes! Especially if you don't like shuttles, have kids attending ski school or want to have lunch in your own condo! Consider the logistics of a ski vacation: free ski shuttles can be a breeze if you're traveling with other adults, but add the "schlep factor" of kids' skis, helmets, extra layers, etc., and suddenly a 5-minute shuttle can turn into a major headache." 

—Ann Denney, Mountain Vacation Specialist